2010. szeptember 12., vasárnap

Green tomato marmalede with lemon

The afternoon also marked the potting . I tried a new recipe , I already ate this jam , but have not made up , so far , I would like to share with you , because I love it, simple and delicious and I could make out their bio tomato  , this was the icing on the cake ! " :) The colors and smells fabulous, you must be away for a few more bottles of this special jam that unfolded in the summer, winter, quote , because it would be for sure.
The recipe :
1kg green tomatoes
1kg sugar
1 lemon
The tomatoes and the whole lemon cut a cube , and then crushing it with mixer . 1 kg of sugar from the source , calculated simmer for 5 minutes , 5 minutes, cooking another 2 days we repeat , then go to the dry cool out put in a box and wraping with a blanket , approx. 2 days .

Plum cake

Because plums this month , it appears we do not know enough to eat , So we quickly made plumcake is an American . Disappeared in the 3/4-inch , they did not consider that bad :)

The ingredients are :
20dkg flour
20dkg +5 cup granulated sugar
1kg plums
1 tsp . Cinnamon (flat )
4 eggs
1 pack baking powder
1 pack . vanilla sugar
hot water for about 3 s hit .
molds : butter , flour

The 20dkg icing sugar Whisk the 4 egg yolks . To do this, baking powder a mix , vanilla sugar , flour and cinnamon , then hot water , be careful not get soaked the dough , except that coherence , Finally, gently mix the 4 beaten egg whites . Plums Meanwhile, dice and flour rolled . A medium- cake baking sheet butter and flour . Pour it into a paste , smooth it on top of the flour shot in plums .
Baking : preheated oven at 180cm ventilation set approximately 60 minutes. Still hot sprinkle the 5dkg which have previously been mixed with cinnamon sugar .

Plum and marmalade

Today, again, plums day was / is . the jam is ready to report, and thus first one was yummy ! Although rain interrupted a bit , but eventually action was carried out in the cauldron .

The recipe :
5kg plum
1kg sugar
3 pinch  salicylate ( about 1.5 l = 3 will jam for a half -liter jars )

Cooking the night before the sugar is mixed with a half pitted prunes a lower lid , the dish as you press the candied plums 12 hours and allow to stand .
a thick stew , stirring about . 3hour Boil rapidly .
pluck bottles and contains a salicylate pinch sprinkle on top. Put on box and wrap with a blanket until it is completely cool about . 1-2 day.

Plum season

Plums, so beautiful ...

Plumseason is begining launched from China , America, all over Europe , this is a very popular fruit, well yesterday I bought a can of plums, It was 20kg , or perhaps a bit more. Today I had to realize that this is a bit much conserving will , by the way this year, try the cauldron plumconserving if the fire has plenty of time to put my husband , he is the responsibility of our home. I'll bring the results and the recipe , I can not wait for tomorrow's preservation .
The main thing the main thing left many plums to experiment with a few plum cake , which I must confess that during the year are rarely bake , and I so delicious delicacies made from the plums .
Here are today's cookies :
Plum cakes with orange and walnut
60dkg plum
30dkg flour
6 eggs
10 dkg powdered sugar + standard deviation
25dkg margarine
10dkg ground nut
narancsaromás sugar or orange peel
1cs vanilla sugar
Rum is about 0.3 dl

Cut two piecies of plum and cinnamon grease the insides . The egg white of a hard foam 5dkg sugar beat . The vanilla sugar to the 5dkg icing sugar , rum , and stir in the margarine until smooth , add the yolks to the orange . Finally, mix the flour with the beaten egg whites . Greased , floured baking spoon sprinkle the minced walnuts and plum interior put on close -down , slightly pushing the batter . At about 180cm . 35-40 minutes to roast . Serve with powdered sugar .

Did you know ?

The plum cholesterol and blood pressure , enhanced vision , constipation and even against cancer is good?

Chilipaprikás hortobágyi pancakes from Hungary

Chilipaprikás Hortobágy Pancakes

The chili is mainly in the tropics , subtropics grown fond of , the main active ingredient of capsaicin . This chili peppers to the spice component is dominant . The peppers are grown in our taste hotter . The Maya believed that the strong spices, such as . Chilli pepper is the abolition of diarrhea , bleeding gums , seizures, and the Aztecs used fomentation breaking through , so you should try this little pepper , even those who are not necessarily a fan taste of hot as the Maya and the Aztecs are not so very mistaken :)
The current dish small fresh red chillies from my pepper bush collected using a very tasty one .
The recipe :
40 g produce a lot of pork stew with onion, red pepper .
Meanwhile fry pancakes , my articles, this :
20 g of flour , half a liter of milk , half- dl oil, a pinch of salt, 2 eggs , 1,5 dl water and bubbles in this case is very finely chopped 1 piece of chili , if you do not like too much of the power cut out .
When the stew is ready for a big box of cream in a bowl , and this put the meat with a fork , not a paste - cleaving . The rest of the cream gravy mix . The pancakes filled with meat mixed with sour cream and pancakes is inserted into the middle of a slice of tomato , roll pan and a medium close to each other we do , and then top with sour cream and pour the gravy , covered with aluminum foil and bake for 15 minutes at 180 C. .
Did you know ?
The origins of the pancake goes back to Roman times ? The first Hungarian -language recipe for Transylvanian princes főszakácsának 16th century, from the end of cookbook included