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Chilipaprikás hortobágyi pancakes from Hungary

Chilipaprikás Hortobágy Pancakes

The chili is mainly in the tropics , subtropics grown fond of , the main active ingredient of capsaicin . This chili peppers to the spice component is dominant . The peppers are grown in our taste hotter . The Maya believed that the strong spices, such as . Chilli pepper is the abolition of diarrhea , bleeding gums , seizures, and the Aztecs used fomentation breaking through , so you should try this little pepper , even those who are not necessarily a fan taste of hot as the Maya and the Aztecs are not so very mistaken :)
The current dish small fresh red chillies from my pepper bush collected using a very tasty one .
The recipe :
40 g produce a lot of pork stew with onion, red pepper .
Meanwhile fry pancakes , my articles, this :
20 g of flour , half a liter of milk , half- dl oil, a pinch of salt, 2 eggs , 1,5 dl water and bubbles in this case is very finely chopped 1 piece of chili , if you do not like too much of the power cut out .
When the stew is ready for a big box of cream in a bowl , and this put the meat with a fork , not a paste - cleaving . The rest of the cream gravy mix . The pancakes filled with meat mixed with sour cream and pancakes is inserted into the middle of a slice of tomato , roll pan and a medium close to each other we do , and then top with sour cream and pour the gravy , covered with aluminum foil and bake for 15 minutes at 180 C. .
Did you know ?
The origins of the pancake goes back to Roman times ? The first Hungarian -language recipe for Transylvanian princes főszakácsának 16th century, from the end of cookbook included

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