2010. szeptember 12., vasárnap

Plum season

Plums, so beautiful ...

Plumseason is begining launched from China , America, all over Europe , this is a very popular fruit, well yesterday I bought a can of plums, It was 20kg , or perhaps a bit more. Today I had to realize that this is a bit much conserving will , by the way this year, try the cauldron plumconserving if the fire has plenty of time to put my husband , he is the responsibility of our home. I'll bring the results and the recipe , I can not wait for tomorrow's preservation .
The main thing the main thing left many plums to experiment with a few plum cake , which I must confess that during the year are rarely bake , and I so delicious delicacies made from the plums .
Here are today's cookies :
Plum cakes with orange and walnut
60dkg plum
30dkg flour
6 eggs
10 dkg powdered sugar + standard deviation
25dkg margarine
10dkg ground nut
narancsaromás sugar or orange peel
1cs vanilla sugar
Rum is about 0.3 dl

Cut two piecies of plum and cinnamon grease the insides . The egg white of a hard foam 5dkg sugar beat . The vanilla sugar to the 5dkg icing sugar , rum , and stir in the margarine until smooth , add the yolks to the orange . Finally, mix the flour with the beaten egg whites . Greased , floured baking spoon sprinkle the minced walnuts and plum interior put on close -down , slightly pushing the batter . At about 180cm . 35-40 minutes to roast . Serve with powdered sugar .

Did you know ?

The plum cholesterol and blood pressure , enhanced vision , constipation and even against cancer is good?

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